How to get rid of tonsil stones fast

how to get rid of tonsil stones fast

Tonsilloliths the medical name for tonsil stones are collections of classified material that forms in the fissures of the tonsils. They are small off white deposits that are seen in the caverns of your tonsils, which often occur when there is an amassing of calcium salts in the crevices of the tonsils. This is often caused when food particles get stuck in these crevices, thus bacteria starts feeding on these bits of food, digesting them till they turn into the smelly gunk.

They are not only harmful to your health but also cause bad breath. It is an embarrassing problem which may affect your social life because the stones produce a foul stench, and it is often noticed by most people. Tonsil stones make you experience unceasing irritation and severe uneasiness in the mouth. It can also cause distress when swallowing food.

There are some easy remedies that can elimination of the problem. Here are ways on how to get rid of tonsil stones fast:

Check your diet.

Consuming balanced meals will enable you to gain nutrients and vitamins needed by the body to treat this condition. Diets that contain probiotics, which contain good bacteria that combat bad bacteria, help in tonsil stones lessening. Try to reduce intake of dairy products as they are the main cause of tonsil stones. This is because dairy products increase calcium and mucus thus causing Tonsilloliths. Changing to a vegetarian diet that comprises live and active enzymes is the best technique.

How to get rid of tonsil stones fast by regular brushing of teeth

Brushing daily can treat your tonsil stones. Ensure you use oxygenating toothpaste and a tender bristled brush daily. The oxygenating toothpaste aids in the reduction of anaerobic sulfur-producing which results to formation of bacteria on the teeth niches. It also eliminates bad breath. After brushing gently your teeth, gargle using an alcohol-free mouth wash or salty water. Flossing and smearing of tongue scrapper on your tongue to eliminate bacteria can help in removal of tonsil stones.

 How to Get rid of tonsil stones regularly by removing them.

It is really helpful when you remove tonsil stones using a cotton swan daily. This is a mild method of removing stones if you know the exact position location of the tonsil stones. All you need to do is to dampen the end of the cotton swab by use of clean water and then remove the tonsil stones gently. Try and use your fingers to apply force to the lower edge of the Tonsilloliths, and after it becomes wobbly, remove them gently then gargle with a mouth wash.

How to get rid of tonsil stones fast by using an oral irrigator

Water picks as an oral irrigator is used to clean the rips caused by removal of the wisdom teeth. First you open your mouth, place the irrigator inside but do not touch the stones, then switch on the irrigator on the lower setting. Direct the stream of water to visible tonsil stones until they are dislocated.

Seek medical intervention.

A procedure called laser treatment is mostly used to get rid of tonsils. It is designed to remove them permanently. A carbon (IV) oxide laser is used in this procedure to assist in reshaping the area around the tonsils; hence there will be no chances of items getting lodged back there again. It is a permanent solution to tonsil stones.

Every individual’s tonsil stones are different. You might have either one deep crater and others shallow or you can have many deep craters. The more caverns you have, this increases your chances of having more tonsil stones. The above ways could be considered risky, but some people weigh the benefits over the risks, thus it may be worth the peace of mind getting to know your tonsils are clean.




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